7 Ways to Help Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy

This is 2020 we are living in. If we look around ourselves, we may have developed a lot in technology, Industry, Automobiles, E-states etc but things in which we are losing are Health, Environment, Resources, Peace of Mind. Nothing around us is. pure anymore. We are surviving on chemicals mostly. The food products we are consuming are mostly grown using chemicals. The environment around us is polluted that it has become almost impossible to breath clean air, a recent example is Delhi.

These are one of many reasons that the number of people suffering from diseases like cancer is increasing day by day. It's a very painful and dangerous disease which has many types. According to reports in the year, 2019 cancer has risen by 300% in India in a year. So it has become a very important factor for us to have knowledge about how we can prevent Cancer.
In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 ways to help prevent Cancer. So read carefully. Let's begin.

7 ways to help prevent cancer
7 Ways to Help Prevent Cancer

7 Ways to Help Prevent Cancer and Stay Healthy

1. Quit smoking

According to James Mulshine, M.D., professor of internal medicine and associate provost for research at Rush University Medical Center "One out of every two deaths before age 65 in our society is due to the habit of smoking,”. A person can add up to 10 years to his/her life by quitting smoking. By breaking this addiction you will not
only help yourself but for society too by creating smoke-free environments in your home and community.

2. Get screened tested

You must visit for annual screening tests like the Pap test and mammogram if you are a woman, for men you can talk to your healthcare professional about the pros and cons of a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). Both the tests i.e Pap test and PSA help you in detecting cellular changes before they become cancerous. The mammogram can detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. As we all know that nowadays the number of patients of breast cancer has risen sharply.

You should know that, if you go for this test annually then you already have reduced the chance of cancer by 40%. You should remember that most of the cancer is curable if detected in the early stages, so it's good if you take these tests seriously.

3. Lose excess weight

Excess weight is one of the factors resulting in most of the diseases. It's a problem which is increasing nowadays because of the junk food we keep on eating regularly. You should get rid of the excess weight you are carrying. I know its easy to say then to achieve but remember that if there is will there is a way.

Quit eating junk food regularly, do exercise daily. Try Yoga it will not only relax your mind but also stretch your body.

4. Eat more Green Vegetables.

Start eating healthy food, try to avoid junk food and instead start eating green vegetables. We have been taught this since our childhood that green vegetables are good for health. We should try to maintain and follow a balanced diet in which almost all the nutrients are present.

5. Limit alcohol consumption

Consumption of alcohol in excess is associated with an increased risk of a number of cancers and cardiac diseases like liver cancer and colon cancer. According to studies the accepted limits are one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men.

6. Cut back on red meats

You should try to avoid or less consumption of Red meat, although meat is a great source of protein but Red meats like beef, pork and lamb have a high-fat content, which promotes inflammation in our body.

7. Breastfeed

As I told you earlier that the risk of breast cancer has risen very sharply, so all the to be mothers or young mothers should try to breastfeed their babies for a longer duration. According to a study The longer you breastfeed your baby the greater your breast cancer risk is reduced.

So these were some steps to prevent cancer. We hope for your well being.

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